The Riverbend Water Resources District

The Riverbend Water Resources District  is a conservation and reclamation district that provides water and waste water services to the Red River Army Depot and the TexAmericas Center industrial park with a 12,000 acre footprint. Riverbend formally represents through Interlocal Agreements the interests in water supply for the most northeast Texas region of the state representing the counties of Bowie, Cass and Red River, as well as Texamericas Center and the cities of Annona, Atlanta, Avery, DeKalb, Hooks, Leary, Maud, Nash, New Boston, Redwater, Texarkana (TX) and Wake Village.

Riverbend is also building a master plan for the area's water infrastructure and development. Riverbend serves as a conduit for financing for industrial projects and tax-exempt financing for municipal and rural projects.

Riverbend is the local representative for surrounding utilities on Lake Wright Patman Reservoir and issues with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as well as state agencies and entities within and outside of Region D state water planning area. Riverbend receives no tax revenues or appropriations.

New Item(s):

Agenda, June 27, 2018

Save The Date-Riverbend Water Resources District Open House

Updated Riverbend Operator Training Schedule 2018

Upcoming Project(s):

RFQ - Volumetric and Sedimentation Study

RFQ - Hooks, Texas Wastewater Treatment Feasibility Study

RFQ - Industrial Pretreatment Facilities Feasibility Study, Due Monday April 30, 2018 by 3-00p.m


US Army Corps of Engineers

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