Water is a fundamental aspect of our day-to-day lives. Not a single living organism can live without water. With our fast growing population, fresh water is in high demand and we cannot produce more of it. In Northeast Texas we live in a water rich area. Our water resources are abundant but our water infrastructure systems need considerable care to keep operations and availability on pace with our growing demands.

Therefore, planning for the responsible conservation and management of our water resources is a top priority for Riverbend Water Resources District. In the past, several studies have been conducted to examine the current state of our infrastructure and identify possible future infrastructure needs. Riverbend has completed a master plan for the area's water infrastructure and development. This plan has led to the planning of the Regional Water System Improvements Program slated for completion in 2026.

Riverbend Regional Water System Improvements Program

RWRD has secured funding through the Texas Water Development Board to implement approximately $200 million in water system improvements. For information regarding the selection process of the design consultant(s) for these improvements or other program activity, please contact our Program Manager, Pape-Dawson Engineers. Contact information is as follows: Mr. Brian Strickland at 210.375.9000 or [email protected].

Requests for Proposals

  • None at this time.
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