Riverbend Water Resources District is committed to making available and easily accessible to the general public as much information as possible about our district through this site. This includes at a minimum: Board Agendas, Minutes, and Resolutions, as well as a District Calendar and Board Meeting Schedule, Annual Audits, and Policy Documents.

Riverbend is subject to the Texas Public Information Act. Information is generally presumed available to the public, however, there are a few exceptions. In general, state law requires governmental bodies to promptly release requested information, as long as it is not confidential by law or involve an exception. Please note that although some records may be directly released upon request, most records pass through a review process within a reasonable time frame.

Information not found on this site can be requested in written form from the following:

Kyle Dooley
Executive Director/CEO
228 Texas Avenue, Suite A
New Boston, TX 75570

An open records request may be made in person at the above address, faxed to (903) 831-0096, or emailed to [email protected] and also to [email protected].  Please label all requests “Attention: OPEN RECORDS REQUEST.”

In some cases, Riverbend may provide a written cost estimate for any single request that exceeds 36 hours during a fiscal year. The written estimate must be provided to the requestor on or before the 10th day after the date on which the public information was requested. The amount charged shall be established by rules prescribed by the Texas Attorney General, Texas Public Information Handbook.

Download the Open Records Request Form here.

Riverbend Water Resources District
228 Texas Avenue, Suite A
New Boston, TX 75570
(903) 831-0091 phone
(903) 831-0096 fax
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