About Riverbend

Riverbend Water Resources District is a locally controlled regional water district that is created to protect, conserve and manage our area’s water resources in the most southeastern part of the Sulphur River  such as Lake Wright Patman.  Riverbend was legislatively created in 2009 and then legislatively restructured in 2011 to its current 5 member, appointed Board of Directors.  Riverbend started with 8 member entities and has now grown to include 16 members.  Current members include: Annona, Atlanta, Avery, Dekalb, Hooks, Leary, Maud, Nash, New Boston, Redwater, Texarkana, TX, Wake Village, TexAmericas Center, as well as Bowie, Cass and Red River Counties.

From the Executive Director/CEO

We are blessed to live in an area rich with values rooted deeply in our abundant natural resources. Northeast Texas has done a tremendous job in protecting those resources through the diligent efforts of our communities, industries, landowners, and citizens. Leaders in our local communities before our time made tough, hard-fought decisions to develop our water resources in a responsible manner, and landowners made great sacrifices so that the general public could benefit as a whole from those sacrifices. Our middle-class values have taught us through conservation and stewardship, hard work and perseverance, that we can make more from less.

As we look into a future full of promise for our region, Riverbend serves a crucial role as the local, collective voice to continue protecting and preserving these natural resources. Individually, we have insurmountable obstacles that keep us divided; however, together, we can achieve the impossible. 

At Riverbend, we understand this concept. We understand our responsibility to the entire region that our resources, if locally controlled and carefully managed, can be of use and benefit to us, as well as the entire state. It is our mission to build a future of prosperity through a strong voice of many communities that can serve as one. Together, we can achieve our greatest goal to provide a clean, affordable supply of water to our citizens and the citizens of Texas that benefits us all. 

I, along with our Board of Directors, look forward to serving this community and helping foster a dialogue that is open and transparent about protecting and providing water resources for ourselves and those around us.

Elizabeth Fazio Hale
Executive Director/CEO