About Riverbend

Riverbend Water Resources District is a locally controlled regional water district that is created to protect, conserve and manage our area’s water resources in the most southeastern part of the Sulphur River  such as Lake Wright Patman.  Riverbend was legislatively created in 2009 and then legislatively restructured in 2011 to its current 5 member, appointed Board of Directors.  Riverbend started with 8 member entities and has now grown to include 17 members.  Current members include: Annona, Atlanta, Avery, Dekalb, Hooks, Leary, Maud, Nash, New Boston, Redwater, Texarkana, TX, Wake Village, TexAmericas Center, Central Bowie County Water Supply Corporation, Oak Grove Water Supply Corporation, as well as Bowie, Cass and Red River Counties.